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“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso

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The level at which South Park takes its detail is ridiculous. Look at the audience

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let that sink in .

Nor write a check…

This is so dumb

are y’all really making it seem like opening a savings account or writing a check is dumb hard and exceptionally difficult to do

smh wtf

You literally walk inside of a bank and say “I’d like to open up a savings account.” It’s not rocket science. This post fails.

I mean I sorta kinda get the point this is trying to make about financial literacy… But it was still stupid.

"bobby shmurda is keeping us down, man. stay woke."

black people who blame minor footnotes in black pop-culture for our struggles are actually the reason why we struggle

they try to blame huge, institutional issues like financial illiteracy or police brutality on things that are barely a blip on the radar of most black americans

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Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, have begun wearing body cameras after weeks of unrest over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a white officer and sharply differing accounts of the incident, officials said on Sunday.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot multiple times by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, sparking nearly three weeks of angry protests in the St. Louis suburb and drawing global attention to race relations in the United States.

Law enforcement and witnesses gave differing accounts of what transpired before Brown was shot, with police saying the teen had struggled with the officer. Witnesses say Brown held up his hands and was surrendering when he was shot multiple times in the head and chest.

The discrepancy has revived calls for officers across the county to be outfitted with body cameras to help capture an accurate record of police-involved incidents.

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McDonald’s has been forced to open its first ever restaurant with a turquoise coloured sign after city planners said the signature yellow sign would be too garish. Officials in Sedona, Arizona told the fast-food giant they were unable to open a restaurant with the trademark yellow logo.This is due to the city’s strict regulations which prevent buildings from ruining the picturesque view of the desert.

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arizona joins the aesthetic movement

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I don’t see a lie

nope…no lies

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